About the Company

Barolong Holdings, Founded in 2013, is an SME marketing agency. Its core expertise in in helping businesses to develop and expand their business offering internationally through market research and offering marketing and brand management support.


Barolong also provides development support to beneficiaries of incubation programs and supplier development programs that are run by large enterprises through offering marketing consulting services. 


Refilwe Matlheketlha

MSc. (Liverpool) | NDip Communications (Vega School) | MDP (GIBS)

Director, Since 2013


Refilwe has vast experience in marketing organisations.

She has built marketing strategies for various large organisations through market research and has extensive international business experience. Her experience spans across industries predominantly in Middle East and Africa (MEA). Refilwe is a determined individual whose focus is on developing SMEs and individuals in leadership capacity. She has high business acumen and understands quality, urgency and business finances.


She is director of numerous SMEs in South Africa, including HubWorx, a back end business support company in South Africa and she is a shareholder of Great Women International (a lifestyle company looking at improving lives of women in Africa); She is also a non-executive director of South African Aviation Specialists & Associates (SAASA) and a non-executive director of Makgetse Ambassadors Foundation (NPC) that focuses on student career path advisory. Read more here

Our Team

Barolong teams up with industry practitioners and specialists that are complimentary to its core business offering to ensure that services are delivered seamlessly. The team is well equipped with the analytical discipline, managerial skills and creativity to deliver fully integrated market-based solutions.

We service clients across Middle East and Africa. We are further supported by Associate Offices in Dubai.

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